Operational Excellence: Repeatable. Sustainable. Performance Driven

We believe any company can beat global competition with superior workers in a performance driven culture. We combine cultural change with clear thinking skills and production processes that are repeatable and sustainable for operational excellence.

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Leadership Initiatives creates more efficient business operations


Operational excellence only comes when the business performance system is in alignment with the company strategic goals. Leadership Initiatives provides clear thinking skills and processes that can be used in a multitude of situations that will drive workers performance to a new plateau.
Leadership Initiatives enhances human performance

Human Performance

Human Performance System – Cultural work environment

Culture is the environment businesses thrive in. Culture is what workers do when the boss is away. No matter how you slice and dice the system, the performance culture of the business totally determines its fate.
Leadership Initiatives: office operations improvements


Office environments are as vital as any other production unit. Their ability to function and produce is critical to every company’s success. Whether it is purchasing supplies, marketing ideas or paying workers, office employees have a vital role in final product.
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What people think of Leadership Initiatives

This class (Leading Others) gave me a understanding of who to lead and motivate people in my team. Being a new supervisor, I found I was to forceful in how I delegated, and that if I use the skills I learned in class, I will be able to delegate with more confidence. I also like the meeting portion because people would tell me my meetings were horrible, but I never could figure out what I needed to change.

I struggled with too many projects at one time. I felt lost trying to juggle 3 or 4 at one time. With the planning and execution steps we learned, I new have a handle on how I can manage multiple projects at one time.

The class is non stop hands on and was very detailed oriented. – ALSO – This course is a GRADE A course that will help any inexperienced employee become an efficient project manager as well as build tremendous basic management skills.