Operations Solutions

operation solutions, corporate trainingAt Leadership Initiatives our step by step operational excellence building leads to outstanding quality, increased customer satisfaction, on time delivery, shorter lead times, increased worker morale and the ability to recession and crisis proof their company. As workers skills increase, their value increases. And in a performance driven culture, workers are cool under pressure when they possess the skills and processes to beat the competition with confidence.

Becoming operationally excellent is attained with a clear roadmap. But being recession and crisis proof does not just happen. It is carefully planned and executed.  No two companies start in the same position, so why would a boiler plate out of the box plan be the way to go? At Leadership Initiatives, we take the time to do a thorough diagnosis of the current situation by taking plant or office tours and talking with department management and staff members. This gives us a clear picture or starting point for the transition. We match this with the outcomes that the company is trying to attain, and we then build the company a specific roadmap and a proposal for implementation.

Some businesses may only need light transition support to attain their desired results. This could include formal specific skill building training, management excellence training, coaching, mentoring, or minor cultural tweaks to attain the desired performance results. Yet other businesses may need major triage to sort out the situation and then build the roadmap needed to transition to their desired outcomes. We will deliver the skills, mentor and coach production processes for managers, and build a culture of accountability to achieve world class results.

Some of skill building and processes we use:

  • Skill building
  • Lean project management fundamentals
  • Problem solving – mistake proofing – Six Sigma
  • Expert supervisory skills
  • Communications
  • Production processes
  • Lean manufacturing and Lean office
  • Total quality control
  • Total predictive maintenance
  • Theory of constraints (bottlenecks)
  • Statistical process control
  • Overall equipment effectiveness
  • Safety suggestion systems
  • Production suggestion systems
  • Kaizen teams (self-directed work teams)
  • Many other processes as needed


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