Process Issues

Every office department has an output that is needed to support the final product. Too many office areas have poor process habits or a culture of “we always do it this way.” Jobs become a nightmare and workers believe they are in dungeon.

Are these relevant to your office areas?

  • Workers have no energy
  • The water cooler is where ideas get generated
  • Workers don’t see how their job does any good
  • Managers tend to micromanage
  • Quality is poor
  • It takes forever to get something through the bureaucracy maze
  • Productivity is at a crawl
  • Morale is gone
  • Workers have ideas, but no way to share them



At Leadership Initiatives, we believe office processes are just as important as any other process. Bills must be paid, materials ordered, and marketing efforts must be used, or the final product being generated will be unacceptable. Many processes should be streamlined, using clear thinking processes in a complex environment. Processes like Lean Office, project planning  and suggestion systems allow workers to take the complexity out of their work while giving them ways to share their ideas to make the process easier. When workers own the process, they tend to remove the clutter to find better ways to operate. More importantly, workers who see how their jobs affect customer satisfaction will strive to improve their output. This reduces cost and increases productivity.