Project Planning

Projects are the lifeblood of a business. Whether it is a new process introduction, a computer system upgrade, an office move, or any other critical issue, projects must be planned and executed well.  Many projects die before they ever get off the ground, and more die before the final implementation. And getting resources to support projects are getting scarce.

  • Do you see these project issues in your office?
  • No project agreement
  • No written plan to follow – project plans in worker’s heads.
  • Support workers don’t know what to do
  • Project team support is dismal
  • Motivation to join a project is low – heads duck when teams are formed
  • Controlling the project team is like trying to herd chickens
  • Projects get a great sendoff, only to sink in the distance
  • Projects never end
  • Scope and cost out of control
  • Management and bureaucracy all over the project
  • Project micro-managing
  • Quality of tasks is poor
  • Failed projects swept under the carpet
  • Project accountability missing


At Leadership Initiatives we follow the Project Management Institutes book of knowledge (PMBOK) to build world class project managers.  From large new product launches to small office moves, a well-planned project takes the confusion out of equation and builds team morale. By taking all the complexity out of planning a project, planners and supporting workers know their tasks and become accountable for their parts. Managers can follow a project path without micro-managing because they know the plan is complete, ready to implement, and traceable. Given the set of circumstances, we present this method in various ways, including a 3 day full on workshop, mentoring and coaching the planning process, half day increments,  or even a – “teach a step – do a step” – type approach.