Workflow Problems

Office Workflow.

How work gets done in the office is a direct result of how information and data flows through the process. Bottlenecks, stuffed in-boxes, and mounds of paper everywhere contribute to inefficiency.  Additionally, workers are always fighting new demands and instructions. As the workflow becomes more complex, workers become lost in the shuffle.

Are you seeing any of these in your offices?

  • Workers constantly frustrated
  • Water cooler talk is on the rise
  • When the boss walks in, everyone hides out of fear
  • Low morale
  • Time to complete a single task takes forever
  • It’s five and fly
  • There is no ownership
  • Workers have ideas, but won’t share them
  • Cutting through the red tape seems to mean adding workers


Leadership Initiatives knows office jobs and support are an extremely important function at any business. To be effective, there are processes and workflow patterns that can be enhanced and repaired to allow optimum worker output and satisfaction. Building an office culture that allows creativity and innovation will save costs, delete waste and create a healthy, happy environment. We use processes like Lean office, problem analysis, decision making, and self-directed work teams that allow a culture of support team accountability that will raise the bar and increase workflow.