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How to handle a boss that is a real piece of work!

06 Jan

Most people don’t get to choose their boss. You get moved into a job to help a manger and you soon realize just why everyone else has jumped ship – You now have a bosszilla! Yikes. But there are some techniques you can use to defuse the situation before a problem develops. 1. Confirm Confirm […]

10 quick points to improve morale in your workplace

17 Dec
leadership initiatives

While performance and results are the drivers of business, what are the best ways to achieve these desired outcomes? An obvious choice is to hire individuals with the best background and qualifications. However, some supervisors and bosses forget about the importance of workplace morale. Whether it’s seen as team spirit, corporate feng shui, or just […]

Promoting people into supervisor positions requires proper training

07 Dec
leadership training and problem solving skills.

After 25 years in training and organizational development and working with people from banking to mining, from manufacturing to office environments, I still find that the set of skills needed to work with people remains pretty constant: The leader needs to clearly understand the goal of their division and then he or she requires the […]

Coaching: The Key Leadership Training Technique for Team Management

25 Nov
coaching is key to leadership training. Cleveland, Coloumbus, Toledo, Cincinatti

When you hear the word ‘coach’, what comes first into your mind? Do you picture a basketball team with a man/woman shouting out directions? Or perhaps a football team with a man/woman pacing to and fro and calling out the names of the players? Coaching is no longer reserved to sports teams; it is now […]